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Why Do I Need a Mommy Makeover?

Despite being one of the most rewarding experiences in a woman’s life, pregnancy can cause many negative changes to the body. Pregnancy and breastfeeding lead to deflated or saggy breasts; stretch marks on the abdomen; uneven breasts; fatty deposits in the hips, thighs, and abdomen; and saggy stomach skin. These side effects leave most moms feeling bad and insecure about their bodies. A mommy makeover corrects these issues.

What Is a Mommy Makeover?

A mommy makeover is a combination of procedures that are customized to reverse the changes that result from pregnancy, childbirth, and breastfeeding. A mommy makeover allows you to choose aesthetic enhancement procedures customized to your unique needs with the help of qualified plastic surgeons.

New moms can choose to get rid of the fatty deposits accumulated in their hips and around their mid-section that are often resistant to traditional exercise and dietary measures. Breasts that have begun to sag or lose fullness can be transformed into shapely and full breasts.

Mothers can undergo a tummy tuck, breast augmentation, liposuction, and other mommy makeover procedures at the same time or in a staggered manner in order to achieve subtle body refinements. Women can also undertake wrinkle treatment, spa packages, and makeup in order to reverse any effects of pregnancy and childbirth in the face.

The following are some of the most common mommy makeover procedures.

Breast Augmentation to Reverse Breast Changes

Breasts tend to take on a full look during pregnancy that usually ends up deflated and saggy, especially after breastfeeding. Women who have lost the tone and shape of their breasts and now have asymmetrical breasts, downward-pointing nipples, or enlarged areolae can benefit from various forms of breast surgery. These issues can be addressed with either a breast lift, a breast enlargement, or both procedures.

Tummy Tuck for Reversing Abdominal Changes

The rectus abdominis muscles, skin of the abdomen, and abdominal wall muscles stretch during pregnancy in order to make room for the baby growing in the womb. After childbirth, the mother is left with loose skin, lax muscles, and stretch marks. A tummy tuck will get rid of the loose skin and excess fat on the stomach in order to tighten the abdominal muscles and restore your pre-baby body.

Laser Technology to Revitalize Your Skin

New mothers can undergo laser therapy to rejuvenate the skin, enhancing its tone, texture, and quality. Moreover, there are numerous laser treatments that can give new mommies a more vibrant, firmer, and smoother complexion by getting rid of wrinkles, folds, and fine lines from the face. Nowadays, laser technology is commonly used to remove signs of sun damage, get rid of unwanted hair, and correct sagging loose skin on the face and other parts of the body.

Liposuction to Get Rid of Unwanted Fat Deposits

Weight gain in reasonable measures is healthy, normal, and inevitable during pregnancy. Liposuction is a very popular cosmetic procedure for mothers, largely because it has proven to be very effective when it comes to getting rid of stubborn fat deposits in the arms, neck, knees, thighs, abdomen, and back after pregnancy.

What Should I Expect During the Recovery Period?

Recovery periods can range from three to four months due to the combination of procedures performed on many areas of the body. Medication and compression garments are used by every patient, as well as elastic bandages and tape to help protect swelling during the healing process.

Dr. Hoschander will give a list of instructions for every patient to abide by during the recovery period. This is crucial, because negligence can lead to infection and undesirable results.

Final results may be visible from six months up to a year depending on the procedures performed on each patient.

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