Introduction to Dermal Fillers

As we age, our collagen and elastin levels naturally decrease, which leads to wrinkles and folds. If you have been searching for a non-surgical product that can improve facial volume and smoothen away the wrinkles and age lines in your face, Dermal Fillers may be the solution you are looking for. At KH Plastic Surgery in New York City, our Dermal Fillers will fill in these areas and restore any volume loss to give our patients a smoother look. To find out if you’re a qualified candidate, please keep reading the information we have provided below.

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What are Dermal Fillers?

Dermal Filler treatments consist of a soft injectable gel made from hyaluronic acid (HA). Hyaluronic acid is a sugar-based molecule that is naturally present in the skin but diminishes as we age. Injectable dermal fillers replace HA to boost and plump the skin. This very popular treatment can help by filling lines, severe facial wrinkles, and facial creases by adding volume to the treated area.

Injectable fillers are also used for our NYC Lip Filler patients. If you have thin lips and would like them to be more pouty and attractive, Lip injections can do wonders for your lip volume. To learn more about them, please see our page dedicated to Lip Fillers.

What are the Benefits of Dermal Fillers?

Our patients in the NYC area have been able to enjoy the following benefits from their Dermal Filler treatments:

  • Little risks involved
  • Long-lasting results
  • Scar appearance can be reduced
  • Subtle effects
  • Customizable and combinable with other treatments
  • It has almost no recovery time
  • Immediate results
  • Improved collagen and elastin production

Who are the Best Candidates for the Dermal Fillers procedure?

You could be a great candidate for Dermal Fillers if you have the following characteristics:

  • In good general health
  • Looking to re-contour your lower facial region
  • You want to add volume to and smooth out the back of your hands
  • You want to reduce deep folds and creases such as Marionette lines or Nasolabial folds (aka parentheses lines)

Although appropriate for all skin types and ethnicities, this injectable should be avoided if you have active skin problems such as cysts, rashes, cold sores, or pimples. You may need to reconsider this treatment if you have a history of allergic responses, particularly gram-positive bacterial protein allergies.

Because each patient is unique, it will be necessary to discuss your situation and goals with us during a consultation. This will help determine your candidacy for the procedure.

Types of Dermal Fillers We Offer

Belotero Balance

Belotero Balance is a Hyaluronic Acid injectable that keeps your face looking plump and youthful for 6 to 18 months (depending on the area treated and aesthetic goals) by filling problem areas and restoring volume loss to give patients a more youthful glow.

While compatible with any skin type, avoid this injectable if you have any active cysts, rashes, pimples, or cold sores. With little to no downtime required, jump right back into your routine following your appointment. You might be the perfect candidate for this treatment if you have no known allergies to HA or other gram-positive bacterial proteins.


Radiesse is the first and only FDA-approved calcium hydroxylapatite injectable treatment available in the US. As a dermal filler with a viscose consistency that imitates the firmness of connective tissue, Radiesse brings youth back to your features. Recommended for the lower face and back of hands, this firming injectable can last for up to 18 months or even longer in some cases. With immediate results and little-no downtime required, this treatment helps to stimulate your natural production of elastin and collagen.

What’s the First Step?

If you are interested in Dermal Fillers in the NYC area, the first step is to schedule a consultation at KH Plastic Surgery. When you first meet with either Dr. Hoschander or one of our talented providers, your face, and lips will be assessed, and you’ll be presented with a number of options and cosmetic treatment solutions to help you look your best.

Your provider will answer any questions and address any concerns you may have about the treatment, as well as ask you questions regarding your medical history and lifestyle. Please be open and honest when having this discussion because not only will it produce the best results, but will also help prevent any unnecessary risks.

After the two of you have discussed every aspect of your Dermal Filler treatment, a customized treatment plan will be made for you. If you choose, your fillers can be performed immediately after your consultation, however, if you’d like to reschedule for any reason, our Patient Coordinator will be able to help you select the best day and time for you.

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What to Expect on the Day of Dermal Fillers

On the day of your Lip Filler treatment with KH Plastic Surgery, you can expect a comfortable and straightforward experience. First, your injector will clean your skin with an antiseptic solution to ensure you are free from bacteria and contaminants. A topical numbing cream may also be applied to minimize discomfort during the injection process. Next, the chosen Filler will be injected using a very fine needle, assessed, and more is added when necessary. Your provider will lightly massage the filler around so that it’s evenly distributed.

The entire process typically takes about 30 – 60 minutes to complete and you will be able to see significant results instantly.

Dermal Fillers Recovery

There is almost no downtime required after this procedure and there are no known long-term side effects. You may experience bruising and minor swelling. Results are not permanent but can last up to 9 months. Additional treatments can be repeated when necessary but should be evident as your facial features begin losing volume.

How Much Do Dermal Fillers Cost in New York?

The cost of Dermal Fillers in New York can vary based on various factors, including the treatment area, the number of sessions needed, and the specific type of Dermal Filler used. To determine the exact price for your personalized treatment, we recommend scheduling a consultation with Dr. Hoschander so he can evaluate your needs and create a tailored treatment plan. Our dedicated Patient Coordinator will then provide you with a comprehensive cost breakdown based on your specific requirements.

Why Choose Dr. Hoschander?

At KH Plastic Surgery, we feel strongly about balancing your facial features and enhancing your natural beauty so that you can feel like the best version of yourself! Our practice is led by Ari S. Hoschander, M.D., F.A.C.S., an experienced plastic surgeon who is certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery. Our team strives to produce the best and most natural-looking Dermal Filler results in the city. When you choose KH, we promise to provide you with quality, care, and comfort, no matter what your needs are!

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