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Reducing the appearance of wrinkles and adding volume to the backs of your hands is possible with Radiesse in New York City. Radiesse is a type of dermal filler aimed at addressing the nasolabial folds and the wrinkled appearance of your hands. Aging can dramatically reduce your skin’s elasticity, and Radiesse is an ideal solution.

What Is Radiesse?

Radiesse is an FDA-approved injectable treatment and is the first and only calcium hydroxylapatite injectable in the U.S. It is recommended for use on the lower face and the backs of the hands. This cosmetic treatment yields immediate results and stimulates the production of elastin and collagen.

Radiesse has a viscose consistency that mimics the firmness of connective tissue. This brings about natural-looking results that can last for a year and a half or in some cases even longer.

Am I a Good Candidate for Radiesse Injections?

You may be an ideal candidate for Radiesse treatments if you want to add volume and recontour your lower facial region. You may also get Radiesse injections if you want to reduce deep creases like marionette lines, parentheses lines, and the nasolabial folds. If you want to smooth away the wrinkles on your hands, this may be a recommended option for you.

Being in good overall health and having realistic expectations are crucial for achieving the best results. If you have a history of allergic reactions with any of the ingredients in Radiesse, you are not a good candidate for this treatment. These injections are not recommended for pregnant or breastfeeding women.

Your Consultation

During your consultation at KH Plastic Surgery, a physical examination of your target areas will be performed. A treatment plan will be developed based on your concerns and cosmetic goals. Our skincare expert will ask you questions about your medical history, especially underlying conditions and current medications/supplements.

The Procedure

The first step to your Radiesse treatment is preparation of your target areas. A numbing cream may be applied to help eliminate discomfort. Then, Radiesse will be injected with care and precision into your target areas until desired volume is achieved. The actual procedure is quick and usually takes only about 10 to 15 minutes.

Recovery and Aftercare

There is typically no downtime or recovery period after Radiesse injections. You may experience redness, bruising, and swelling, which should disappear after a few days. You may be able to get back to your usual activities immediately.

Avoid strenuous exercises for several days. Your skin may be sensitive to the sun for a time, so keep away from prolonged UV exposure.

How Much Does a Radiesse Treatment Cost?

The cost of your Radiesse treatments will depend on several factors. KH Plastic Surgery follows a client-centered approach to address each patient’s specific concerns. The overall price will depend on the number of injections used and number of treated areas.

Arrange a Consultation

Smooth away wrinkles and get back lost volume with Radiesse in New York City. Learn more about this calcium-based dermal filler from our professionals at KH Plastic Surgery. Contact us today to set up your consultation.

At KH Plastic Surgery, our goal is to use artistry, state of the art techniques and a scientific approach to extract a patient's underlying beauty. We believe that internal satisfaction can often be achieved through external self-appreciation.

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