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Dermaplaning in New York City is a resurfacing treatment that utilizes physical exfoliation to carefully remove the top layer of skin using a surgical blade revealing fresher smoother skin. This treatment removes dead skin along with vellus hair, which is also called “peach fuzz” or fine light hair. When the hair grows back, it will remain soft and light as it was originally.

The Advantages of Dermaplaning

Dermaplaning offers a number of benefits:

  • Dermaplaning increases the absorption of topical products.
  • It diminishes the appearance of acne scarring, dullness, fine lines, and wrinkles.
  • It exfoliates dead skin cells and stimulates cellular turnover.
  • It is a painless procedure.
  • No downtime or recovery time is needed after the treatment session.
  • The procedure can be performed on a regular basis to maintain its results.
  • This treatment is a great add-on to any of our other facial services or great on its own. It can be performed before skin treatments like laser treatments, chemical peels, facials, and microdermabrasion.
  • It is an excellent option for individuals with skin sensitivities or for women who are pregnant or nursing.

Preparing for Your Dermaplaning Appointment

Professionals suggest discontinuing use of all exfoliants at least five days before the dermaplaning procedure. These include BHAs, microbeads, retinoids, and AHAs. The reason behind this is that these products make the skin thinner.

You should also avoid hair-removal techniques like shaving, threading, and waxing a minimum of two weeks prior to dermaplaning.

The Dermaplaning Process

At the start of the treatment process, the skin is cleansed, removing excess oil and any products. Because it is a gentle and painless procedure, it requires no anesthesia of any kind.

A sterile scalpel is then used to exfoliate the skin and remove vellus hairs. Typically, regions around the forehead, nose, cheeks, chin, and neck are treated. The process is completely non-invasive.

After the treatment, you can immediately return to your everyday schedule. It will be necessary to wear sunscreen for a time afterwards to protect the exfoliated skin.

Dermaplaning Cost

The price of your dermaplaning treatment will depend on your choice of medical practice/med spa. The cost of dermaplaning is generally quite low.

Arrange a Consultation

Contact KH Plastic Surgery to schedule your consultation regarding dermaplaning in our New York City or Long Island offices. This gentle skin treatment may be just the rejuvenation option you’ve been looking for.

At KH Plastic Surgery, our goal is to use artistry, state of the art techniques and a scientific approach to extract a patient's underlying beauty. We believe that internal satisfaction can often be achieved through external self-appreciation.

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