By Ari S. Hoschander, M.D., F.A.C.S.

When you see a new wrinkle or fine line starting to form on your face, it can send you into a panic over your appearance. A lot of younger people will often feel like seeing a wrinkle or fold on their face means that they need to address the issue with the most powerful option available, like plastic surgery.

However, younger patients with mild aesthetic flaws will often benefit more from non-surgical options like dermal fillers. These products help to maintain a person’s youthful appearance until their aesthetic issues are severe enough to warrant surgery. Dermal fillers are also excellent for people who are nervous about undergoing surgery.

At KH Plastic Surgery, we offer multiple types of injectables that can be used to address a number of aesthetic issues in areas all around your face. If you want to maintain the youthful beauty of your appearance, contact KH Plastic Surgery today to schedule a consultation.

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