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Aging After Your Facelift

Published on April 24, 2018

Interested in receiving a facelift and want to know whether or not your results will be long-lasting? While a facelift cannot stop time, it can provide long-lasting and natural-looking results that can make you look 10 years younger. It is

Bothered by Your Excess Thigh Fat?

Published on April 18, 2018

The appearance of our thighs is an incredibly important aspect of our lower body. Well-toned and curvaceous thighs can complement the appearance of your buttocks and waist, and a well-proportioned lower body is important for a balanced and alluring figure.

Embarrassed By Your Man Boobs?

Published on April 13, 2018

When it comes to beachwear, the only thing men really have to worry about is picking a nice pair of shorts. But what you’re wearing is only a small part of your overall beach look. If you have noticeable man

Are You Experiencing Vaginal Laxity?

Published on April 6, 2018

Have you noticed a feeling of looseness in your vagina during intimacy? Have you noticed a decrease in stimulation during intimacy? These two issues are commonly experienced by women who are suffering from vaginal laxity. Vaginal laxity is a very

At KH Plastic Surgery, our goal is to use artistry, state of the art techniques and a scientific approach to extract a patient's underlying beauty. We believe that internal satisfaction can often be achieved through external self-appreciation.

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