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Liposuction for the Shape You Want

Published on July 29, 2016

Resistant fat is an aggravating problem. There are several areas of the body, especially around your stomach and midsection, where even with extensive dieting and heavy exercise, the fat is stubborn and refuses to go away. If you’re someone who

Brighten Your Face with Blepharoplasty

Published on July 19, 2016

Your eyes tell the world who you are. When people see drooping or puffy eyelids, they assume that a person is older and more lethargic than they actually are. If you’re interested in recontouring your eyelids, board-certified plastic surgeon Dr.

Feel Younger with a Facelift

Published on July 15, 2016

As you age, the texture and quality of your skin undergo a change, becoming less elastic and beginning to exhibit sagging and wrinkling. Your facial muscles lose their tone, causing your skin to develop a loose, worn look. This contributes

At KH Plastic Surgery, our goal is to use artistry, state of the art techniques and a scientific approach to extract a patient's underlying beauty. We believe that internal satisfaction can often be achieved through external self-appreciation.

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